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"End of the road"-Liss-Cromane-co/Kerry
Killorglin, co/Kerry
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The secret Fairy Fort The secret Fairy Fort is one of the popular place listed under Tours & Sightseeing in Killorglin , Tours/sightseeing in Killorglin ,

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Teddy Tihan is a farmer from Stookisland, Cromane, in a beautifull and wild area in the county Kerry, West Ireland. On his own lands, composed of emerald fields enclosed by gorses golden flowers, facing the enchanting bay of Cromane, sleeps in the deepest secret, from the dawn of times, a particular standing stone, called in gaëlic "Gallaun". Its two faces are carved and East-West orientated.
This monument, raised by the Celts about a millenium ago, is standing in the center of a stone circle, now covered by vegetation, and would be, following the local's tradition, the departure point of a megalith's line crossing the Kerry county from West to East. This place, where in the past was rising this sanctuary, is called by the locals "The Fairy Fort", and this standing stone in its middle would be a sign to locate an entrance leading to the underground world of the "Mnah Biog" (ou "Fir Bolg"), the most known under the name of: "The Little People"... If your steps lead you around the Kerry to the Fairy Fort, Teddy will warn you to respect carefully the place, for the Little People can be disturbed and play to you a bad spell. Never must we, will he say, have physical contacts with the Mnah Biogs, for our two natures are so different that it can bring big problems and drive them sick. That's why, he says, the real inhabitants of Ireland are staying carefully far away from the human civilisation. And they stay little sized, Teddy says, because they are forbidden to mary human beings, and so, they reproduce themselves between brother and sister!
On the surface of the stone are carved remains of representation of a door, East side, under which one we can clearly see a foot print, on what could apparently be the first step of the door. On each side of the Gallaun, is also carved a window, as if they had the intention to figure a house. And, the particular "raps" as made by nails of fairy creatures...
Teddy keeps this oral tradition from his ancestors, bog's farmers as him. And he his convinced that, under his field, the Little People is living. His brother Sheamus is said to have seen fairies, one misty night, dancing in circle around the same place. So...up to you to believe...

Teddy is proud to share with people passionate of old irish legends, his amazing familial treasure. He and none of his ancestors have worked this peace of land, by respect to not disturb the Little People. A box let by the fairies, beside the cute wooden gate, will accept any kind of gifts in exchange of your visit.

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