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Middle Street
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St Augustine's Church, Galway St Augustine's Church, Galway is one of the popular place listed under Church/religious Organization in Galway , Religious Organization in Galway , Catholic Church in Galway ,

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We are a community of 4 priests. We belong to a male Religious Order called Augustinians. The Augustinians have been in Galway since 1500, so in the year 2000 we celebrated the 500th anniversary of the arrival of the first Augustinians in Galway. They had their first monastery in what is now Forthill Cemetery by Lough Attalia. Our names are: John Hughes (Mayo), Des Foley (Wexford), Declan Deasy
(Waterford), and John Whelan (Wexford).

We all work here in St. Augustine's Church and Parish. The Church of St. Augustine, built in 1855 and renovated in 2005, is located on Middle Street, at the bottom of Buttermilk Lane. It is a popular devotional Church for the people of Galway. Many people come with their difficulties -and gratitude- to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Since 1971 St. Augustine's has been a Parish Church. The parish itself is small geographically. But its population has grown dramatically in recent years, due mainly to the construction of so many new apartments in the city centre. The apartments on The Long Walk, The New Docks area, Merchant's Road, Spanish Arch area, Kirwan's Lane, Bridge Street, Fisherman's Wharf, and Market Street are all in St. Augustine's Parish.

So we have many young people in our Parish who must find it very, very difficult to feel part of this inner city community. I presume many of you go home to your families at weekends. Consequently, your contact with your city parish here would be rare enough. Our Newsletter is our effort to get in touch with you, and to get you in touch with the permanent residents of the inner city. We will drop it through your door every week and publish it on our own Website. It is, essentially, the leaflet handed out to the congregations at Sunday Masses, though with some variations. You may not be aware of this, but a rather vibrant community exists on your doorstep. A hub of activity is Ozanam House on Augustine Street. This is a community centre, run by the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Many voluntary groups meet there. These people are always looking for helpers. Tagaste House, at 4 Augustine Street, is a support centre for young people with difficulties adjusting socially. Again, they need helpers. The parishioners meet every Thursday night in the Priory at 8.00. Finally, we are here if you need us. Don't hesitate to seek us out.

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