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Carmel lives in a small town on the west coast of Ireland. She is a medium, channeler and empath. From her given abilities, she is also an emotional and energy healer.

These abilities are natural, as in they were handed down to her from her birth Mother. “ I’m of the third generation to be handed this opportunity to help people”.

She explains her childhood: “I always had a sixth sense as far back as I could remember had friends only I could see my imaginary friends my mother used to call them or I would walk in to a house and see or small things others couldn’t”. As a child she thought everyone could do this until she got to the age of ten or so then she knew that this was a gift. She further explains that during this time, and like so like many others with unusual gifts- “I learned fast to keep my words and thoughts on my friends to myself”.

Carmel knowledge and abilities have not come from any course or books and “ this was a choice given to me to take up or set aside”. At this stage in her life (when her children are nearly reared) she also wants to develop further her journey into this world. “If I can help one person in their time of need in some form, then my abilities have fulfilled their purpose in this life”.

She had a choice two years ago: to reconnect to her true and inner self or to continue with her day to day life. If you happen to meet or talk with Carmel, she talks of” free will”. This is the point edge on which all our lives are balanced upon. We all have a choice and some of us take the wrong path and it is Carmel’s job through her abilities and with help from her guides to bring us from the brink. She now is “doing something which I love, the ability to help people and see the difference in their lives. She describes how spirituality faith and a strong belief that everything is as it should be, or in her words “everything happens for a reason”.

This again highlights the fact, that sometimes we go off course in life and we have the opportunity to redirect our lives, on the correct journey. These events that happen in our daily live, are crossroads where we choose which direction we now will take. This is where for example Angel Cards and “channelling both spirits and messages with the use of a pendulum” is an opportunity to listen and can have an influence on your chosen path.

”The Empath and Channering part of of my ability’s, mean that I can readily when requested to do so pick up on a person’s feelings and emotions at will . And then judge how best to help them if they ask . Channelling means that I can pass on messages and personal information to people from a higher source or passed over spirits”.

As mentioned, Carmel is an Emotional and Energy Healer. The former concentrates on the area of sadness, anxiety, addictions, boredom, anger and depression within the individual. These today are everyday occurrence for many people and rather than carrying these feelings around with you every day, Carmel has the ability to pin-point this source of emotion within you.

The physical pains that is caused from these emotions can be elevated by hands on healing and then guidance from the source to remove it from the body for good.

Energy healing is a bit different as in its mainly hands off and can be done remotely, as well as in person with the use of energy orbs. “ I can focus the energy of the source through me and on the persons pain”.

Overthinking and analysing your life can have a negative aspect. Everything you need, will arise to you at the right time.

Her dictum is, " everything happens for a reason, but we all have an opening to change our journey this time".

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