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Saggart is a suburban village in South Dublin, Ireland, south west of Dublin city. It lies between the N7, Rathcoole, and Tallaght. It was the fastest growing town between the census of 2006-2011 with and increase of nearly 150 per centNameA monk called Mosacra founded a settlement on the site of the village in the 7th century. The name Saggart derives from Teach Sacra which means 'house of Sacra' in Irish. For many years Saggart was known as Tassagard or Tassagart, and the latter name persists in Tassagart House, and in the names of some housing estates in the area.HistoryA monastery existed just outside the village in the 7th century. The remains of this monastery are found on the grounds of an equestrian centre approximately 1.5 km from today's Saggart Village. After St Mosacra died, it became a nunnery with over 80 nuns living there until the Viking attacks of the 9th century.By 1207, Saggart, or Tasagart, as it was then called by the Normans, had been made a prebend of the Cathedral of St. Patrick. In 1615, the church was reported as being in good repair but fifteen years later the church is stated to have fallen down, and the Protestant parishioners attended Rathcoole church. The current church was built in 1847.

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