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Tralee, Kerry

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Izabela, founder of Kerry Pilates helps people to improve their health, posture, tone up their bodies, strengthen their muscles and increase flexibility by teaching Pilates classes. She was introduced to Pilates over 12 years ago and after years of practicing Pilates, first in Poland and then in London and Ireland, she decided to find a harmony between what she must do and what she loves to do and qualified as an Advanced Pilates Instructor. Coming from the corporate background she believes that she can relate to her client’s busy life and cater for their needs. She believes in quality, not quantity and by running a small classes she makes sure you’ll get individual attention on each class. She is a member of Reps Ireland and safety is her priority, so she complies by their code of conduct and designs safe class for you. To find out where and when Izabela teaches Pilates, check out the Kerry Pilates Timetable in the Calendar App.

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