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Qualifications : Lic. T.C.M
Dip. Herbal Medicine
Dip. Medical Qi Gong
The human body needs to be treated as a whole, it cannot be separated into compartments. A physical illness can have emotional and mental repercussions, just as an emotional illness can lead to physical or mental pain. Acupuncture brings balance into the body. If the body is in balance, then illness will not exist. After ten years of practice , the human body continues to amaze and interest me. We put it through a lot but with the right attitude and information we can help reset it and help it heal. There is a reason why illness and sickness manifest at a particular time in a particular manner in a person's life, if we can find that reason we can help the body to heal and recover. To find the root of illness is the key to future health and happiness.

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