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About ACEI - Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland

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The Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI) – established in 1938 - is a voluntary self-regulatory professional body representing the business and professional interests of firms and individuals engaged in Consulting Engineering. As the voice of the Consulting Engineering profession, it assists in resolving issues of importance for clients and Consultants alike and contributes to the development of relevant public policy through involvement in Working Groups, Government Committees, and the development of model Conditions of Engagement, and policy papers, etc.

ACEI is the official voice of Consulting Engineering Practices and sets benchmarks for the Consulting Engineering Profession in Ireland.
ACEI demands from its members the achievement of high quality cost effective engineering solutions to the benefit of clients and society.
ACEI promotes amongst its members best practices, sustainability and ethical behaviour in the operation of their practices.

Who we represent
Individuals and firms engaged in consulting engineering who
• primarily offer independent technology-based intellectual services to clients for a fee in the built, human and natural environment
• are managed and have their operating policies determined by ACEI Registered Consulting Engineers whose professional qualifications and conduct are in keeping with the requirements of the ACEI Memorandum & Articles of Association and Rules for Membership
• maintain a high professional reputation and ethical standards.
• provide high quality services to clients.

Lobbies local, national and European politicians on important issues such as progressing the National Development Plan, Strategic Planning, Professional Liability, Health & Safety, etc.

Has regular contacts with officials in the relevant Irish Government departments in order to influence forthcoming legislation and to represent the views of the profession.

Liaises with various public and private client bodies on behalf of members both at local and European level, on important issues such as:
• Procedures for Selecting a Consulting Engineer & settlement of fees on Public Construction Contracts.
• Quality-based selection
• Professional liability
• Health & Safety
• Risk Management

Consults with various Government Departments in relation to issues affecting both the profession and the construction industry generally and submits comments on draft documents such as EU Directives, impending legislation, building regulations, etc.

Makes representations to public and private sector client bodies in relation to business practice procedure in the appointment of Consulting Engineers.

Arranges regular seminars & course on best practice issues relevant to the profession as part of a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.

ACEI membership represents:
• Integrity
• Reliability
• Academic qualifications
• Professional experience
• Expertise and know-how.

ACEI membership is widely seen as a mark of quality in the industry. The members logo is a common sight on site signboards across the country and can only be used by ACEI members who may also carry the logo on their business stationery.

Overseas Affiliations
The ACEI is a member of:
• EFCA (The European Federation of Consulting Ewgineering Associations) which represents the professional and commercial interests of engineering consultancy in Brussels and throughout Europe;
• FIDIC which represents engineering consultancy worldwide, particularly with lending agencies such as World Bank. FIDIC publishes a range of conditions of contract suitable for international use;

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